SPA CENTER offer you: sauna, hothouse bathroom, inner swimming pool.

For guests of the hotel For outer guests of the hotel, during the week For outer guests during the weekend only
10 lv / 5 E 13 lv / 7 E 15 lv / 8 E

Water for a short procedure:

Sauna - hot dry process (about 75°С) cleanses toxins and has a relaxing effect. It is often combined with aromotherapy.

Steam Bath - hot process at high temperaure (about 45°С). With moisturizing effect sleanses toxins and relax.


Classic massage Zone therapy Chocolate therapy
Classic massage /partial/ Lymphatic Drainage /whole/ Exfoliate treatment
Massaging collar /shoulders, neck, scalp/ Lymphatic Drainage /face/ Ion detoxification
Healing massage Anti-cellulite massage Talassotherapy
Muscle massage Relaxing massage Exfoliation in steam room
Connective tissue massage Face massage Reiki
Periosteal massage Honey therapy /partial/ Hydro-gymnastics